Lighthouse Project Space

Based in New England House’s lower ground floor, with its own entrance on Elder Place off London Road, this brand new venue will provide young creatives with a dynamic, multipurpose space to produce, create, perform, showcase and collaborate on artistic projects.

The Lighthouse Project Space was created in response to a growing need for venues designed specifically for young creatives from all backgrounds. It aims to overturn traditional gallery and performance models while setting a unique example for cities around the UK. The 130 square metre space will transform between exhibition, event, residency, and production modes.

Lighthouse developed the concept with Spacemakers, a regeneration group working in Brighton, London and Stockholm. The design and build were done by Alex Peters, a Brighton-based designer-maker, and adapts a long-disused, 1960s light-industrial unit.

We are incredibly excited about the work that this space will house and help produce.

More about Spacemakers

We create radical, bottom-up regeneration projects, which aim to get inside the machinery of urban regeneration, and use it for good instead of evil.

We specialise in reactivating dead buildings and dead spaces, harnessing unused potential in a community, and creating projects that address the economic and social issues that are causing the problem in the first place.

We work with local authorities, private developers, architects and community groups. Our work has produced new cultural infrastructure and interventions across the country, and been featured across the national press.

Spacemakers is led by Matt Weston and Tom James, and was founded by Dougald Hine. We’re based in Brighton, London and Stockholm.

The main entrance to the Project Space on Elder Place. Step-free access to the left.

Address: Lighthouse Project Space, New England House, Elder Place, York Hill Corner, BN1 4GH  (Map)

Accessibility Information

We have step-free access just to the left of our space. The step-free ramp is 1 metre wide, after the ramp you reach a blue door please use the ‘Lighthouse’ doorbell, one of the team will come to let you in and you will then go through a door that is 34 in / 86.5cm wide and after that another door in to the space that is 33.5 in / 85cm wide. There is an accessible toilet in the space on the same floor. We have one accessible parking space that must be booked in advance.

For further information email or call 01273 647197.


Lighthouse Future Creative Leaders

The Lighthouse Project Space and programme activity will be spearheaded by our incredible team of Future Creative Leaders (FCL),  a brand new initiative for Lighthouse consisting of six creatives aged between 19 and 26 years old.

Our Future Creative Leaders are embarking on a year-long programme that aims to reimagine the landscape of cultural leadership. Fulfilled by empowering young creatives to explore alternative pathways into leadership roles through nurture and collaboration.

The programme extends beyond our existing Lighthouse Young Creatives and reimagines the Lighthouse workforce, with ambitions to diversify sector-wide cultural leadership through talent development initiatives for young creatives, here and beyond.

Elsa, Fez, Dred, Lucia, Levvy and Sami outside Lighthouse Project Space

Lighthouse Project Space will open in July 2024 with a programme of public events and activities curated by the Future Creatives Leaders cohort.

Get to know our Future Creative Leaders’ ambitions and intentions for the programme and how they hope to inspire other young creatives in the area.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

I hope that other young creatives in my area can see me as somebody who has come from similar situations as them. Especially from certain struggles that they come from and have been able to turn a negative into a positive. I grew up in this city and a lot of people know my face, so when they see me and know where I’ve come from, and being able to turn something around, it’s just a matter of you doing the same now and believing in yourself.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

Instead of inspiring others, I hope to help shape a shared space for young creatives to find their own inspiration through organic artistic experimentation and exploration, connecting and collaborating with other voices; either written, in-person, or spoken, both in and beyond my practice and the Lighthouse Project Space.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

I hope to inspire others by trying to be as authentic as I can be. I am always inspired by authenticity and people who stay committed to who they are and the things they are driven by and believe in. There are lots of influences that can impact how you think about things which on the one hand is great but I think being able to think and create in a way that’s not solely driven by these external factors is really important.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

Honestly, I think through consistency and increasing the quality of my output over time. That’s one thing that I aspire to do. When others inspire me it’s largely down to them just staying active all the time. For me it’s not necessarily about quality, it’s just the fact that they’re always showing up and for me that is really inspiring, so that’s the way in which I hope to inspire other people. Just by staying consistent, staying on it and not taking no for an answer, you know, just installing some faith and belief that it can be done.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

I think that diverse skills and thinking is important and constant learning is an essential focus for young creatives. I do this in my own research, by trying new things where I can and working with others in different practices, where collaboration and inspiration develops my own creative journey and thinking. I hope that I can inspire other young creatives in the area to also focus on creative change and growth.


How do you hope to inspire other young creatives?

I hope to inspire others by being transparent, with both my processes and the intention behind my work. I hope to give a deeper insight into the problems that spark interest and inspiration within young people who are creative or have a passion towards the current social and political climate.

Lighthouse Project Space will open with a programme of public events and activities curated by the Future Creatives Leaders cohort. Check out what’s coming up here.

Bobby Brown

FCL Programme Leader

Bobby is a Creative Producer, Artist Manager, Community Worker and Broadcaster. He is a pioneer in our City, working across music, youth and community work. Born and raised in Brighton, Bobby’s lived experience drives his mission to dismantle barriers young people face in the education and class system in the city. Having collaborated with Lighthouse since 2017 on our Lighthouse Young Creatives programme and our public art strategy consultation work for Brighton & Hove Council, he is perfectly positioned to lead the Future Creative Leaders programme.

To coincide with its launch, we are issuing an open invitation calling on young people to submit their creative ideas to participate in the venue’s bold new arts programme from July 2024 onwards.

Welcoming ideas for live performance, music, spoken word, photography, digital arts and more, young people aged between 16 and 30 can register their interest below.

Lighthouse is a charity that supports artists who use digital technology in their work and helps people find routes into the creative and digital sectors.

From our Project Space, we host an accessible annual programme of exhibitions and new artwork commissions that develop artists’ practise & audience participation with new, immersive technologies.

Our vision is a diverse and inclusive creative sector where everyone – regardless of who they are, or where they come from – can explore and fulfil their creative potential, and where every young person is empowered to consider a career in the creative industries.

Learn more about our Talent Development Programmes

Lighthouse Young Creatives

A six-month professional and personal development scheme that gives young people aged 16-25 the skills, confidence and connections they need to kickstart a career in the creative industries.

Future Creative Leaders – Pathways Not Projects

An annual programme empowering young people (20-30) to lead in development, delivery, evaluation and governance through creative commissions, residencies and documentation. Recruited at a critical moment in their professional creative lives, after they have transitioned out of learning-based schemes.

The Lighthouse Team at Neolithic Cannibals private view at the Project Space.

Support Us

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Thank you to BuildHollywood for your support on The Project Space launch campaign.

We are really excited to have partnered with BuildHollywood on a billboard campaign to launch our new space and the series of activity programmed by our future creative leaders.
BuildHollywood are a company that are hugely inspiring to us in the way that they empower artists and reimagine commercial space and canvas’ for the greater good. We hope to continue working with BuildHollywood to amplify the voices of those less heard or seen.